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Race Ramps 95" long

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Race Ramps 95" long

Lighter - lightweight construction is easy to carry and maneuver Lower approach angle resolves service and loading problems
Safer - won't slip, slide, or scoot on any surface and never scratches or marks your floors Load Porsches, Corvettes, and other low profile cars without doing damage
Stronger - 100% solid core construction Will not damage trailer doors or trailer
Dimensions: 95"L x 14"W x 8"H with a 5.5 angle of approach Patented design provides a lightweight alternative to steel or lumber
Supports 1,500lbs per tire or up to a 6,000lb vehicle Provides a nesting cut-out for up to a 18" door flap
Weight: 18lbs each Custom designs available with short lead times

Race Ramps introduces the 9" Trailer Ramp; RR-TR-9-FLP, which reduces the ramp angle of approach to only 5.5. Trailer Ramps are designed to safely and easily get low ground clearance vehicles on and off trailers without scraping and are a safe alternative to wooden planks and other unstable methods of reducing the ramp angle of approach. Simply place the trailer door on the notch of these specially designed ramps. The 9" Trailer Ramps provide a nesting cut-out for up to an 18" door flap and are divided into two pieces, allowing for easy storage and transport

All trailer ramps use Brute Industries' patented super lightweight technology with 100% solid construction to ensure the ramps are highly durable, anti-skid, and very stablewith the ability to support a 6,000 lb. vehicle. The ramps' textured coating prevents sliding and won't scratch or otherwise damage floors. Trailer ramps are lightweight and have built-in straps for easy transport and hanging on a wall. They are easy to clean and won't rust.

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